“Musically, Schizoid is moving in between hardcore rhythms, trash and grindcore. Guitars and electronics have been abused and raped to get a vision of hell. It’s dark and merciless, furious and desperate plus heavy and disturbing.”

“Almost an hour of music, through some industrial trends, such as Ministry, NIN (90), Thorns, only Schizoid puts all his talent and making the album a true product of his mind, without having to thank then no one in particular. Those sounds so clear and mid frequencies between metal and electronic create a unique sound …”

“When I was looking around on YouTube for a video to include I noticed the following genre label: powerviolent blackened digital hardcore industrial punk. Yeah, that about sums it up.”

“…A sonic, technological barrage of undulating, throbbing and distorted chaos! ‘The Next Extreme’ is right, from order comes chaos and the band who laid down what they hoped to achieve in an orderly fashion have then proceeded to open the floodgates and reek havoc with their almost anarchic sound!”

“I fear that the Canadian legal and judicial system is very similar to the Italian one, if one allows a crazy terrorist sonic as the mastermind of the one man band of Schizoid to turn freely and even write and record discs!”

“This is real hardcore … in the truest sense.”

About schizoiddtrash

SCHIZOID has been a staple of the extreme electronic-music underground, since the project began in 1998...
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