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PODCAST: SCHIZOID – Earache Records Mix MP3 Podcast

“Here’s a cool MP3 podcast mix I made last year of some of the most inspirational @EARACHE Records tracks that helped to shape my own metal vs electro sound. -SCHIZOID”. Click on the image to download and go to http://www.earache.comContinue reading

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DTRASH175 – SCHIZOID – The Remixed Extremes The monolithic 2012 SCHIZOID release “The Next Extreme” is given the absolutely full remix treatment, with this definitive companion album. SCHIZ enlists on friends and comrades EVESTUS, DIRTY FINGERS LICKED, AMBASSADOR 21, NOT HALF, TUAREG GEEKS, NEEDLE FAC7ORY, ROBOT(A), … Continue reading

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Entry for a remix contest hosted by ATARI TEENAGE RIOT “Collapse Of History”! The debut track of the upcoming PHOERON remixes disc! Finally finished! Upcoming on a new MATT BLEAK release on NIGHT TERROR RECORDINGS…

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PODCAST: SCHIZOID’s “Refuzer Vs Schizoid” EP appears on UUROBSCURR digital hardcore themed podcast!

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REMIX: “The Next Extreme” remixed by SADISTICIAN!

Here is one of the incoming remixes for the “The Next Extreme” remix project from SADISTICIAN!   We are closing it at year end, so be sure to get us your .WAV file entries!  So far on board also we … Continue reading

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“The Next Extreme” remixed by HYPERDRIVER

SCHIZOID’s entire! new disc forthcoming “The Next Extreme” has been remixed in its entirety by UK lad HYPERDRIVER! WTF! Watch for a late 2010 release on D-TRASH Records, when this disc will hit.

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REMIX “The Next Extreme” – Sample Packs Here

There is going to be a maxi-single of the song “The Next Extreme”. Would you like to remix it? You can try your hand at appearing on the single, get the samples here.

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REMIX: DIRTY FINGERS LICKED “My Bloodshot Eyes (Evil Eye Remix)”

INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH has released a digital download album containing LENNY DEE, DELTA 9 & more remixing DIRTY FINGERS LICKED, including SCHIZOID’s remix. Follow the below links to find out more. DELTA 9 and the early INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH compilations were a … Continue reading

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