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LIVE: 2012-07-25

We’ll be recording a live album to be released on D-TRASH!

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“The Next Extreme” Promo Version

Now being mailed to distributors, radio and the press… ¬†A hint of what’s coming soon!

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8nTmi8JLMU&list=UUwxYYcsH8AeuPWkv8wFogpw&index=0&feature=plcp Continue reading

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LIVE: 2012-05-20

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SCHIZOID & PAINGUISH take on “Disorder”!

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SCHIZOID “The Next Extreme” T-Shirts NOW!

Represent ‘tha trash in your town, with these slick SCHIZOID T-Shirts, bearing the cover of the upcoming “The Next Extreme” album. Professionally screened onto American Apparel shirts, available just in Large size now. Orders ship next day after payment. Medium … Continue reading

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Nebelerscheinungen DJ SET features SCHIZOID & D-TRASH tracks…

Thanks for the airplay. Part III. – Mixed by XeraZ (25:12-40:30)10. Junkie Kut – Chaostika¬†11. Emperor – I Am The Black Wizards (Sadistician – I Am Them Remix)12. Schizoid – The Next Extreme (Sadistician – The Next Phase Is Your … Continue reading

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Entry for a remix contest hosted by ATARI TEENAGE RIOT “Collapse Of History”! The debut track of the upcoming PHOERON remixes disc! Finally finished! Upcoming on a new MATT BLEAK release on NIGHT TERROR RECORDINGS…

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CAMEO: “Attack!” by ROBOT(A)

SCHIZOID did guest vocals on the song “Attack!”, appearing on the “Time To Retaliate” EP from UK’s ROBOT(A). You can buy their album at http://www.digitaldestroy.com.

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REVIEW: “All Things Are Connected” @ Unrestrained Magazine

“Schizoid’s second attempt at portraying the post-modern nightmare in sonic form has resulted in another insane gabbercore attack on the senses, a whirling trip of mind bending soundscapes converging into a psychotic non-pattern of intrusive and violent audio terrorism. Aggro … Continue reading

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