REVIEW: “The Next Extreme” @ Decompression Magazine


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INTERVIEW @ TERRORIZER ‘The Next Extreme’ track by track

Awesome! UK extreme print mag put SCHIZOID on the cover of their TERRORIZER.COM site today, with a track by track dissection and stream of the “The Next Extreme” album. Click the screenshot to read the feature.

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NEW UK print magazine hits the stands in April. Featuring cover stories on ANAAL NATHRAKH, DELTA 9, ULTRAVIOLENCE, in Issue #1 you’ll see an advertisement for SCHIZOID’s “The Next Extreme” CD. Also, on the covermount bonus CD will be SCHIZOID’s “Canadian Extremity” remix of his CD’s title track.

Find out more at:

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REVIEW: “The Next Extreme” @ Crucial Blast

It took twelve years for J. Schizoid to follow up his last album All Things Are Connected, but here we are with the third full-length from this Canadian speedcore/black metal outfit, a ferocious sixteen song blast of pounding distorted beats, icy black metal guitars and fractured electronics from this former member of cult Canadian black metallers (and early Profound Lore signing) Dead Of Winter. The first collection of new Schizoid material since 2000, The Next Extreme picks right up where the last album left off, unleashing barbaric, pounding programmed drums that mercilessly jackhammer at your skull while Schizoid’s blackened shriek and droning, primitive black metal riffs and layered electronic noise soaks through the harsh, static-choked assault. It’s what the gabber/speedcore parts of Morbid Angel’s Illud Divinum Insanus should have sounded like, stripped of any candy-raver bullshit or nu-metal-isms. Continue reading

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REVIEW: “The Next Extreme” @ Retro Rocket Review


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DTRASH175 – SCHIZOID – The Remixed Extremes

DTRASH175 - SCHIZOID - The Remixed Extremes

The monolithic 2012 SCHIZOID release “The Next Extreme” is given the absolutely full remix treatment, with this definitive companion album. SCHIZ enlists on friends and comrades EVESTUS, DIRTY FINGERS LICKED, AMBASSADOR 21, NOT HALF, TUAREG GEEKS, NEEDLE FAC7ORY, ROBOT(A), THE FIRST SEED, HEARTWORM, HYPERDRIVER, KNAR, FFT ERROR, MIDI FISTER, DRUGZILLA & FAMINE. version (with exclusive bonus remixes) comes out Friday Feb. 1st for only $6.66. CD will be posted as DTRASH175 on D-TRASH Records March 1st. Track listing follows:

01 The Next Extreme (SCHIZOID – Canadian Extremity Remix)
02 Out Of Reach (EVESTUS – Indie Mix)
04 Real Evil (AMBASSADOR 21 Remix)
05 Physical Is The Illusion (NOT HALF – Phyisicillusion Remix)
06 Nothing But The Same (TUAREG GEEKS Remix)
07 Fret, Regret (NEEDLE FACTORY Remix)
08 Mainstream Underground (ROBOT(A) – M41nstr4m Underground Remix)
09 Another Go (THE FIRST SEED – Thrashcore Remix)
10 Epitaph (HEARTWORM – Kill All Humans Remix)
11 Life Is Struggle (HYPERDRIVER – metal_nose_love Remix)
12 Slaviour Saves (KNAR – Sharer Trooms Mix)
13 Promise Of The End (FFT ERROR – Tsunami Killcore Remix)
14 Something To Look Forward To (MIDI FISTER – 666 Mix)
15 Final Descent (DRUGZILLA – Drugzoid Remix)
16 The Last Extreme (FAMINE – Quantum Mix)

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REVIEW: “The Next Extreme” @

“The Next Extreme” is an entertaining drive in the familiar style of mixing digital hardcore become a little more focus on black metal, which is true in this niche genre hardly new ground, but neat at maximum volume radiates aggression. Trailer for industrial metals & Digital Hardcore worth a test run.”

Continue reading

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