DTRASH178 – SCHIZOID vs HYPERDRIVER – The Hyperdriven Extremes


And here we go. The next cipher of SCHIZOID “The Next Extreme” era is unveiled. Not for squeamish ears, by any means. All 16 tracks front to back remixed by UK noise/breaks artist HYPERDRIVER. His albums on D-TRASH and remixes of the roster have long provided a unique brand of excess to the table, a deftly rhythmic noiserama to burst open ears and destroy the mind. This Hyperdriven take on “The Next Extreme” will please fans of HYPERDRIVER, SCHIZOID and extreme digital musick…

1 The Next Extreme (Hyperdriver_BM_Mix)
2 Out Of Reach (The Hyperdriver Is Sick Mix)
3 Pained (No Pained No Gained Mix)
4 Real Evil (The Hyperdriver Fluffy Mix)
5 Physical Is the Illusion (Fizzykal Iz De Confushion Mix)
6 Nothing But The Same (Nothing Like The Same As Nothing But The Same)
7 Fret, Regret (Hyperdriver Mix)
8 Mainstream Underground (Mainstream Overground Mix)
9 Another Go (Go Again Mix)
10 Epitaph (Dancehall Remix)
11 Life Is Struggle (Metal_nose_love Remix)
12 Slaviour Saves (The Hyperdriver Banana Flavoured Mix)
13 Promise Of The End (I Promise It Will End Mix)
14 Something To Look Forward To (Nothing To Look Forward To Mix)
15 Final Descent (The Hyperdriver Tingling Mix)
16 The Last Extreme (Shizoid But Not Schizoid Mix)

About schizoiddtrash

SCHIZOID has been a staple of the extreme electronic-music underground, since the project began in 1998...
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