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“The Next Extreme” is an entertaining drive in the familiar style of mixing digital hardcore become a little more focus on black metal, which is true in this niche genre hardly new ground, but neat at maximum volume radiates aggression. Trailer for industrial metals & Digital Hardcore worth a test run.”

The clamor for the last Morbid Angel album was great among the metalheads: industrial techno sounds & rhythms mixed with death metal – a pure affront. Exist that these sounds for almost two decades and wear a simple name, the mixing is far from new hidden, while from many: Digital Hardcore, as it was celebrated in the mid 90’s to 2000, a style in which to the Canadian cult label D-Trash Records not be overturned.

Their first professional publication “Enough Is Enough” ran under the banner SCHIZOID, and gave a brilliant start – the recent publication also carries this band name, this time called the work ” The Next Extreme “. Tape & Label Master J. Schizoid, which can be willingly photographed in relevant BM-shirts supplies, with the just the third full-length “The Next Extreme “an expected little digestible blend of scrape then black metal guitars, typical e-drums, distorted screams and all sorts of noise from samples.

Brettert whopping 16 tracks long, rumbling, races and Mr. Schizoid screaming punk-industrial content, typically by a broken society – enough pieces to explore the entire quality spectrum. Songs like ‘ Nothing But The Same ‘, which vaguely reminiscent of the Blessed NAILBOMB’ Fret Regret ‘, which completely losing the wording’ Life Is Struggle ‘or’ The Last Extreme ‘, really like to know and have to be played at maximum volume – ‘ Out Of Reach ‘,’Real Evil ‘or’ Physical illusion ‘other rushing past simple. In addition, the album takes many pieces to really get going – while overall outweighs the good side, but sometimes one would have liked a little more focus and shortening together.

In general it must be said that ” The Next Extreme “hardly as progressive acts, as suggested by the title can be – much more is expected (such as D-Trash in general) to anachronistic; dusty electric midi sounds, heavily fluctuating sound image (which unfortunately some of the pressure is missing), the trashy video extraction and flat-snotty punk song structures reminiscent of the beginnings of this style, as to new trends or even one iteration of this – apparently this is also exactly the goal. And if you can turn off this claim of innovation, has been obtained with ” The Next Extreme “a lot more fun – if you are gone in mid-nineties drawer thinking how some metalheads.

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SCHIZOID has been a staple of the extreme electronic-music underground, since the project began in 1998...
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