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D-Trash‘s own Schizoid back with his third full length release, the aptly titled album “The Next Extreme”. As an original and founding part of the D-Trash collective, 15 year veterans of the underground hard music world – electronic and otherwise, you’re pretty much guaranteed top shelf extremity on anything he does. “The Next Extreme” does not disappoint and, as the title suggests, proves to be another chapter for Schizoid.

Trading in overt and obvious reliance on synthetic sounds for more guitar and gear driven madness, Schizoid enlists the talent and support from a wide range of artists to help this industrialized metal machine succeed in destruction on its wave of sonic terror. Think classic industrial and leftfield digitized blackened grind. Caustic vocal efforts cascade off sharpened jagged corners of digital percussion while guitars and distortion tag team to create sliver-like effects in your cranium. A healthy dose of sampling and covert electronics round out the sonic arsenal, leaving your eardrums battered and torn.

“Slaviour Saves” is probably my favorite track off the album, retaining a bit more original digital hardcore vibe than many of the other more metal offerings. It sounds and feels like a hybrid of 90s era industrial and digital hardcore, and the lyrics read like the best clever angst anthem from the era, as well. All while managing to also sound fresh for 2012.

The whole product is elaborately put together and hearkens back to cut’n’paste punk artwork; even in a digital format you are supplied with a full 40+ page booklet that has lyrics, photos, and propaganda. Throw in some prepped for print CD sleeve artwork to boot and this thing is certified solid.

Purchase it on CD or cassette, or grab the digital version at the Schizoid Bandcamp page and be sure to check up on everything D-Trash is doing. Pushing underground hard music, especially in electronics, for 15 years now – you definitely don’t want to sleep on what they’re up to.

In the meantime, though, grab this free download of the title track courtesy of Grindthieves & Schizoid!

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SCHIZOID has been a staple of the extreme electronic-music underground, since the project began in 1998...
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