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First off.  SCHIZOID is playing this Thursday January 12th 2012, with BINGE NINJA & THE FIRST SEED who are doing their CD release party (awesome!) and also TIGER VENOM and MR SHIT SHOW are playing.  It’s at Nocturne (550 Queen West) and on after 10pm.  Go see this awesome show.  Here’s the event page on facebook.

Next.  This is a list of awesome SCHIZOID stuff that happened 2011.  It’s been a busy year so this is a spam/news bulletin of what went on this year.  If you’re getting it either you ordered something from me, I sent you a SCHIZOID record to review or something else related to D-TRASH.  If you don’t want to be mailed about this shit send me an email virus [j/k] or tell me to bugger off!   The promise of this read is images, URL and text.  Enjoy.

TOP 2011

Getting a fan mention credited to SCHIZOID on the new BRUTAL TRUTH Goodbye Cruel World 3XLP!  Silly yeah but I fan boyed out seeing that and it’s their record but still it says SCHIZOID! I did a cover which appeared on my “All Things Are Connected” disc which you can get for 6.66$ at my new SCHIZOID bandcamp site (

Got a ton of remixes done including ones for ATARI TEENAGE RIOT, THE PHOERON, MATT BLEAK and some others.  More remixes are coming in the 2012…  Here is a video I made for the crushing AGNOSTIC FRONT remix I did on the THREAT film soundtrack:

Having 16 different artists from D-TRASH and other D-FRIENDS contribute backing vocals to EVERY song of the upcoming SCHIZOID album! (Thanks again)  The moment of being in the room rocking tha mic with the mighty NO BRIGADE was beyond cool for me on the song “Fret, Regret”.  As well, having LUNA SEAUX and THE FIRST SEED join me onstage to do their guest cameos was amazing thanks.  Here’s new song “Out Of Reach” with ‘SEED  This year was the most amount of SCHIZOID live shows in all 13 what not years of the project.  There’s a lot of footage shot of the last years and I’m thinking about releasing a DVD of old bootleg footage around the time the album hits.

Getting interviewed for upcoming documentary “FEED” which’ll be released February 11th 2012, for more info write  I got interviewed in badass record store SONIC BOOM (who stocks D-TRASH product) about all things DIY, SCHIZOID and D-TRASH.  Will be interesting to see.  Their links for the trailer and FB page are below:


The remix contest for the song “The Next Extreme” is almost up!  And there are some great tracks submitted.  For those who haven’t got in on it yet, hurry up, we’re planning to release this FEB 1st 2012 as DTRASH160 (yah).   Amongst the extreme lineup is NOT HALF, DISBREAKZ, SYNTHETIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS, MIDI FISTER, PILLHEAD, MONAD, STARPIL0T, M-87, HYPERDRIVER, NEEDLE FAC†TORY, DENNYS MCKNIGHT, KAMIKAZE DEADBOY, SCHMOOG LEBOWSI!  Here is the samples link (BPM is 221)  MIX REMIX, MIX REMIX!  Space is becoming limited

Having the entire new SCHIZOID album be remixed in its entirety by fellow D-TRASHer HYPERDRIVER!  The result is a really chaotic and noisy bugger that will be released alongside the new disc…  All the tracks!  Hats go off to this feller!

Working with the amazing Pete O’Hearn/DROPFRAME who helped to shoot the video for “The Next Extreme” that now has close to 2,500 views!  Filmed on the lovely Queen West back alleys of Toronto, the NSFW video shows the new era in all its negative glory!  SMUSHMUSIC Canada of course refused to broadcast the video so you’ll have to watch it here:  Thanks to everyone who showed up for the March 2011 show for the live video shoot you helped make the video rad, to both Pete and Steve for filming the footage!

Getting Vinnie STIGMA/AGNOSTIC FRONT to sign (bless) my beloved BC RICH that creates the SCHIZOID guitar tracks!   And meeting ROGER MIRET, vocalist!!!  Now when I play this guitar I’ll have to try to play better!

Being approached by HUMAN HERD to contribute a track to a split 7″ that is now out and has SCHIZOID track “The Next Extreme” and has some snazzy European distribution now! through CODE7Music/PlasticHead, and US/Canada distribution through STORMING THE BASE, CRUCIAL BLAST, NORTHERN HORDE and SKULL FUCKING METAL.  You can also get it at my site.

Finishing!@! the new SCHIZOID album finally after 10-12 years!

Finally having the time and mindset to get the sucker done.  All guitar parts and bass parts were scrapped in June 2011 and redone properly and grimly and go great with the dhc skeletons that have been in the works for so long.  Trying to complete a finished digital hardcore album and mesh it with a completed black metal album was short of impossible but worked out in the end!  It is now being mixed by the capable JOHN POOLEY and mastered by Chxst FAMINE!

The disc is gonna be 16 songs, 1 hour! long!  and a real meal of an album!  Some songs have been live staples for years like “Real Evil”, “Something To Look Forward To”, and “Pained” which appeared on 2000’s “Promoganda” disc in a much less black metallized state.

The album isn’t really political as “All Things”…  It’s just a lot more anger and blast beating, less DHR and more like THORNS, THE BERZERKER BLUT AUS NORD, RED HARVEST, AGOROPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, NASUM type furiousness.  The guitars and riffs are enough for BWBK to rethink SCHIZOID! 😉

Plans for a remix album are in the works  for the disc including remixes from FFF, HANSEL, HEARTWORM, PILGRAM OMEGA & more, for the rest of the discs songs… and another music video for the song “Epitaph”! is coming in early Spring.   If you’re reading this and want to get onboard for that too get in touch!


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