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Let me start off this review really simple: I like this album. I like it alot. Musically, Schizoid are primarily a very aggressive hybrid of traditional (non-techno) hardcore and harsh electronics. And somehow, they managed to avoid sounding like just another digital hardcore ripoff. In fact, Schizoid sounds more like an evolution of hardcore into electronic music than DHR ever did. While I do like DHR, I never really felt like I was listening to ‘hardcore’ in any way, shape, or form – just fucked up gabber with screamed vocals. With Schizoid, it’s different. They sound like a hardcore band should… except for the pulsating wall of electronics. The music is a complex blend of catchy rythyms, aggressive percussive bursts, noise, some guitar, samples, and anything else they felt like throwing in. Somehow though, each track maintains a sense of balance, sounding more like a carefully crafted whole than a collage of disparate elements. Track after track prove Schizoid’s adeptness at switching tempo seamlessly, from clean catchy loops to near noise and back again. The vocals are excellent – both in lyrics and attitude, they are pure hardcore. In fact the only difference between these vocals and most hardcore vocals are that these vocals get heavily modulated. One of the things I always loved about good hardcore was that you knew when the band took their music seriously. The intensity of the music and vocals just couldn’t be faked. It’s the same thing with Schizoid – something this good comes from the heart. If that’s not enough for you… they sample The Hulk. How cool is that? Highly recommended. [Krist Young.]

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SCHIZOID has been a staple of the extreme electronic-music underground, since the project began in 1998...
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