REVIEW: “All Things Are Connected” @ Chronicles Of Chaos Zine

If you were to scrape away all of the sound clips, the gabba techno rhythms, the hypnotic drum beats and all the screams, Schizoid would be nothing more than a dark, evil rock ‘n’ roll machine. A scary one at that, thought. But with these elements at the band’s disposal, Schizoid has managed to take the sound to a higher level, a gargantuan array of song ideas that stomp the listener and destroy everything in its path. At times the electronic mayhem seems to be headed in various directions, thus weakening the drive, but for most of the record the cramming of sounds, ideas and whatever else seems to be the right thing to do. It is hard to say where Schizoid draws most of the inspiration for _All Things Are Connected_, but to be honest, with so much going on you don’t really have time to think about that — you’re more worried about what is coming around the bend and bracing for the next sonic charge. Want to piss off a neighbour / your parents / a loved one? Put this on and watch the fireworks start. Can’t wait to hear Round 2! [Adrian Bromley]

About schizoiddtrash

SCHIZOID has been a staple of the extreme electronic-music underground, since the project began in 1998...
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