REVIEW: “All Things Are Connected” @ Loudnet Zine

“For those of you who have not heard SCHIZOID I will try to explain this to you. Some people try to follow in the foot steps of those that came before them and make their foot prints deeper and greater. Others walk a completely different path leaving their foot prints in untouched virgin soil. It’s safe to say now that SCHIZOID has popped the cherry on this CD. In some bizarre world, SCHIZOID somehow combined the best aspects of electronic, noise, hardcore, metal, hip-hop, and accomplished not making it as ridiculous as it sounds. In a way I suppose some of it is ridiculous but just enough as that it makes you feel as ridiculous as what you’re listening to. I consider myself lucky enough to have reviewed his sampler CD from last year which contained many tracks that are on this CD. Songs range from simple ambient noise tracks to drum and bass with guitars and nasty vocals. I think this CD is produced much better than the sampler I reviewed and is even more impressive. I couldn’t see myself just hanging out and listening to this all the time but this is definitely the kind of shit you will show to your friends and put on when you are all ready feeling a little insane. I can’t really recommend this to “fans of…” because it’s way to hard to compare to anything. Anyone looking for something new, you really haven’t heard anything like this. I can almost guarantee that.” [Peter Helmis]

About schizoiddtrash

SCHIZOID has been a staple of the extreme electronic-music underground, since the project began in 1998...
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