REVIEW: “All Things Are Connected” @ Zine

SCHIZOID are here to fuck you up with reality of circumstances, apparently. And Christ, what a noisy reality it is. If Digital Hardcore” can be used as a genre rather than a trademark, then this boy’s got it in spades. Quite possibly the Ace Spades, too, as the fucked-up breakbeats and Gabba kickdrums keep getting overridden by Death Metal guitar assaults. And it’s bangin’. I’m not sure exactly what it is that All Things Are Connected to, but I’d hazard a guess that whatever it is, it generates electricity and SCHIZOID’s just switched it on and turned it up to at least 11. Reference points begin, obviously, with Alec Empire, but stretch to include Napalm Death, if they went out clubbing and got in a fight. With various punk bands of the Crass/Conflict stable. And possibly the Dead Kennedys, if the intro to “Food for Thought” is anything to go by. (Of course, the “Tonight, Matthew, I will be California Úberalles” tendency of the first few seconds is quickly drowned in a full-on carpet-bombing campaign of nasty electronics, but you get the impression that if it isn’t in fact deliberate, SCHIZOID would be flattered by the comparison.) This is a man in a spiky metal box, or trapped in a Cube- style maze of death (you know, with, like, rooms that fill with water, and bits where you can’t tread on certain coloured tiles, and shit like that) and really pissed off about conditions both inside the box/Maze of Death and outside in the corporate, branded fuck-up of a world the rest of us get to inhabit. And with access to Daleks samples and a couple of Norwegian Black Metal bands. It’s fucking smart, really. Imagine Atari Teenage Riot without the Glam-Pop aspects, and just the angry shouting and noises, and you’re nearly there. The similarity between the blackest of Metal and the hardest of DHR has never been more apparent, although he does find time to bung in some sinister, spooky bits, too – “Indulgence/Compulsion” starts off sounding like Witchman, before the noise is brung, as it were. Light relief ought to be provided by some of the sillier samples, but such is the vitriol pouring (rather painfully, by the sounds of things) from SCHIZOID’s throat (not to mention his guitar and electronic boxes “o” tricks) that even these become warped and nasty by association. (No sooner can you go “cool, that was a Dalek” than the music kicks in and reminds you just what a fucking nasty word “Exterminate” actually is. Likewise Bill Bixby off The Incredible Hulk telling you politely not to make him angry on “Elitist Musings”, which also carries off the not unremarkable trick of making the line “Each to his own is more or less my way of thinking” sound like a threat to drop rabid ferrets down your trousers). The only worry, as with Bomb 20, Shizuo and a million Punk bands, is how long can he keep up being this angry? I mean, I guess I’m probably not in a position to judge, but one thing’s for fucking sure, SCHIZOID being angry sounds fucking good. Enjoy it while you can, and pray (rather selfishly, admittedly) the day never comes when he cheers up. [The Commander-In-Chief, Deuteronemu 90210]

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SCHIZOID has been a staple of the extreme electronic-music underground, since the project began in 1998...
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