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“The front cover features three soldiers, in full operation mode, storming an unseen target. On the left in the spine, are the words “The War Rages On”. Open the cover booklet, and there’s an image of an automatic assault rifle, graced by a full bullet belt. Before the music has even begun, Schizoid’s ‘All Things Are Connected’ has already shown its hardline politicism and confronting militancy. When combined with the riot-inducing white noise that is Schizoid’s craft, the result is something that’s hard to ignore and not to be feared, unless you are the aim of its unrelenting attack.

Thematically, ‘All Things Are Connected’ is a radical call to arms, an explosive, iconoclastic and undeniably violent assault on everything establishmentarian. Targets vary from transnational food corporations to organised religion to the flaws of humanity; even the capitalistic elements of Christmas do not escape reprehension. Essentially a one-man project, Schizoid’s aim is to reach a wider audience with his aggressive political agendas and ideas. Lyrically, it encroaches upon spoken-word diatribes, espousing hatred and disgust for modern society. A relentless misanthropic wave of political devastation, this album contains so many revolutionary ideas and conspiratory suspicions that even Che Guevarra would be proud.

Schizoid’s music is, as the name suggests, a cross-genre blur of extreme psychopathy and volatile noise. Combining the most hostile elements of black and grind metal with digital hardcore and gabba, this music isn’t so much musical as it is a sensory assault on the ears and mind. Endurance is stretched to breaking point as the listener is bombarded with electronic fuzz, digitised drumbeats, samples, scorched guitars and above all scathing vocals firing a vile spitting rage. Listening to this is unmistakably discomforting, and is certain to leave anyone almost numb by the end. Many parallels between this and The Bezerker can be drawn, namely in their extreme metal meets extreme techno styles, although Schizoid leans slightly more to the digital side. But while The Bezerker would prefer to see death to all humans, Schizoid however is calling on those around him to stand against injustices and call for a revolutionary change.

The fact that a cover version of Brutal Truth’s ‘Dementia’ is also highly telling of this band’s direction. Brutal Truth’s blasting bordering-on-incoherent onslaught is clearly evident in this album’s own violent ways, especially in tracks such as ‘Food for Thought’ and ‘It Feels Like I’m Being Raped’. Splurges of extreme metal are taken further in tracks such as ‘Extinct and Obsolete’, where an archetypal black metal riff emerges in the fore, and ‘The Big Picture’, which takes on grind characteristics. Electronic tendencies then take the helm in the bizarre ambient-like ‘New God’ and dance-beat driven ‘Don’t Let Worry Kill You’, adding to the complete utter disorientation this album offers.

The people who will be able to understand and actually like this first time round will be few and far between. To many it will be nothing but noise, and certainly they’re not far off the mark. However, just a little close attention and some research into the lyrics will reveal that ‘All Things Are Connected’ is tuned, focussed and absolutely hell-bent on one single goal; to create a street-level stir so loud that corporate honchos can’t ignore it. His scatterbrain approach to writing music though will undoubtedly leave almost everybody cold, but his demand for social anarchy to create a better world will evoke the revolutionary in us all.”  [Kev Truong]

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SCHIZOID has been a staple of the extreme electronic-music underground, since the project began in 1998...
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