REVIEW: “All Things Are Connected” @ Echo Weekly

“Back with his second album, J. Schizoid offers up a lyrical slaughterfest of digital hardcore, a mix of punk attitude, techno beats, and an underlying metal influence. “All Things Are Connected” should digital h/c ever garner a more mainstream listening audience, will probably be remembered as a classic, and Schizoid a pioneer, but for now the album faces great opposition. The world “extreme” does not begin to describe the sounds found on “All Things Are Connected”. If electronic music would ever make love to the devil on a full moon at the exact moment that Ozzy is biting the head off a bat, the result would be this. The album is not for the faint-hearted. With samples and beats running rampant, J. Schizoid spews forth his mini-lectures with a grinding metal delivery. And lyrics are certainly a big story here. Even those who quite stomach the music may find interest in Schizoid’s intelligent counter culture views. Having developed a good following with the Internet, Schizoid is looking to spread his cause with the vicious “All Things Are Connected” and fans of extreme and experimental music should take notice.” [Matt Kieswetter]

About schizoiddtrash

SCHIZOID has been a staple of the extreme electronic-music underground, since the project began in 1998...
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