REVIEW: “All Things Are Connected” @ Smother.Net

“The title track mixes Dutch gabber with superfast guitarwork and screams reminiscent of Brutal Truth’s newer material. Noises are abound in this release helping throw chaos into the mind of—excuse the pun—a schizoid. I have to say finally a band that lives up to its name. Think Relapse Records most extreme releases and then add completely disassociated psychosis to it. This is an album to scare people with—a definite soundtrack to a serial killer’s mind. Despite the almost intelligible vocals you get a sense of the urgency in J. Smith’s voice. Not many releases that I review do I sit back and wonder how in the hell the song was written. Why do you ask? Because most song sound like they were written almost half-assed with no real thought behind them. Schizoid presents a symphony of deconstruction of all thought towards “normal” musical composition instead opting for chaotic fury. I like it.”

About schizoiddtrash

SCHIZOID has been a staple of the extreme electronic-music underground, since the project began in 1998...
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